The frail elderly woman sat in her favorite chair next to the window. Shafts of sunlight streamed in as her eighty-three-year-old hands lovingly sewed her latest baby quilt. Joan had been making them for almost sixty years now, and as long as she was physically able to keep putting together the beautiful colors and patterns … More A HANDMADE GIFT


Several dozen residents are in the large living room, some slowly move around on their own, others use walkers to help with their balance, several walk with the aid of a cane. Many sit in large comfortable chairs and some in wheelchairs. A few have a noticeable tremor in their hands, and some are talking … More UNCONDITIONAL LOVE


A petite woman named Caroline sat alone against the back wall of the large room. The party was in full swing, but no one came near her. In fact, people rarely even glanced in her direction. It was as if she was invisible. Everyone else was talking and laughing, engaged in animated conversations. There was … More THE PARTY