Memories are our most prized possessions. They comprise our personal history because they are an accounting of the milestones that have shaped our lives. Each memory is an important part of the collective evidence of the life we’ve led, and we can freely choose to share them with others or guard them closely so that … More MEMORIES


America is at a crossroads. Recent events in our nation have left us both alarmed and heartbroken. And while our immediate response may be to condemn one group or another, in reality, we are all to blame. This country belongs to all of us. Therefore we all share the same responsibility to see that every … More AMERICA


Forgiveness is one of the most compassionate acts that can occur between human beings. That Is why having the willingness and ability to forgive others is one of the most meaningful traits we can possess. True forgiveness is cleansing. By creating a fresh start it allows us to stop wasting time dwelling on the past … More FORGIVENESS