The raging debate regarding the protests that are occurring during the performance of our national anthem is now monopolizing the news as a fresh sense of patriotism grips the country. Both sides of the controversy feel confident in their respective positions. They each believe that drawing attention to their point of view is crucial to … More THE NATIONAL ANTHEM


It’s not an easy thing knowing you are going to die, but Kathleen knew that would soon be her fate. Her illness had progressed to the point that the final outcome was now a certainty. She had enjoyed a satisfying career as a nurse. In fact, in 1952, she was one of the first black … More THE RAIN


For most people, there is nothing more important in life than family. The benefits of the parent-child relationship and the interactions with siblings cannot be stressed enough. Family provides the nurturing support that every person needs, but it is particularly crucial for children with developmental disabilities. The love they receive from their family gives them permission … More FAMILY