Bullying is something that no one ever wants to be faced with, but the reality is that people with developmental disabilities are at far greater risk of being bullied than other individuals. Their perceived vulnerability makes them tempting targets for those who prey on people who have done nothing to deserve such treatment. And, unfortunately, … More BULLYING


How many of us have been present when someone unexpectedly uses the R-word? It’s like getting punched in the stomach. You feel sick and angry at the same time. How painful for everyone to have to hear that cruel slur, particularly those with loved ones who have a developmental disability. It is so unnecessary that … More THE R-WORD


It is a sad fact that we do not hesitate to judge each other. This usually happens quickly and with little or no evidence to support our conclusions. We form unfounded opinions based on nothing more than how someone looks, the way they move or the way they talk. None of those things actually tell … More JUDGMENT


Is there anything more chilling in modern life than the sound of rapid gunfire in a crowded public area? We’ve all see the heartbreaking images on TV of innocent men, women and, children running for their lives or trying to find cover. The scenes resemble the horror of a battlefield, but it is not a … More MASS SHOOTINGS