In the early summer afternoon, seven-year-old Carter Stevens stood transfixed as he stared intently at his reflection in the calm water. Because of his autism, he was mesmerized by mirrors, windows or anything else that reflected his image. Out here in the fresh air, his senses were relaxed. He felt the warm sunlight on his … More REFLECTIONS


  Empathy is the ability to sense, understand and appreciate the feelings and experiences of others. It requires taking the time and making the effort to focus on someone else without judging them and without giving into the temptation to deny the validity of their perspective. Unfortunately, it is sometimes the case in the lives … More EMPATHY


As she walked into the main lobby, Marilyn took a deep breath and tried unsuccessfully to control her nervousness. The tension had been mounting all morning, and now that the meeting was about to happen, she was having doubts about the entire thing. What if she had miscalculated the value of the interaction? What if … More THE EXPERIMENT


   The house was fully engulfed in flames when Christina Redding pulled up in her car. Eerie colors lit up the night sky as fire danced from the roof to the ground. Although she was forced to park a considerable distance from the burning structure, she could feel the intense heat on her face when … More NAMELESS


Glenn Curtis pulled into his driveway and put his car in park. It had been a long difficult day at the office, and he was glad to be home. As he unfastened his seat belt and reached for his briefcase, he felt every one of his fifty-seven years. Stepping out of the vehicle, he looked … More OXYGEN